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The aim of our ski trips is to combine challenging and exhilarating skiing with inspiring travel experiences. We travel in small groups guided by certified (UIAGM) mountain guides and we turn to experienced skiers. If you're looking for quality and unique destinations, you've come to the right place.


Paddling in the Swedish county of Bohuslän is an amazing experience. Here, you are met by bare cliffs of the outer archipelago, polished since time immemorial, shaded inner archipelagos, and picturesque coastal communities that live on through tradition and renewal – everything surrounded by a rich marine life.
Single track

Singletrack MTB

Fuelled by a desire to ride new and exciting trails in captivating destinations, we have embarked on an open-ended project to explore and develop the very best singletrack biking experiences worldwide. Morocco, India and Turkey will soon be joined by brand new routes in Sweden and Norway.

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