Our guides

We collaborate with highly qualified English and Swedish speaking guides. UIAGM certified mountain guides lead trips in our more advanced alpine program, whereas professional trekking, biking and nature guides lead our trekking and special trips.

Common to all the guides is the extensive knowledge of their travel destinations and that they themselves have participated in creating the trip. After the trip has ended, we usually receive nothing but praise for their commitment, knowledge and thoughtfulness. Therefore, we are proud to have the pleasure of working with them. Read more about our guides.

Mountain guides

Anders Bergwall 

Anders is an internationally certified mountain guide (SBO, UIAGM, IFMGA), climbing instructor (SKF) and ski instructor (ISIA). He is known for his safety, enthusiasm and positive outlook. Besides guiding, he also works very much with education and development of organisations within mountain safety. Anders operates the company Arcticguides and lives in Abisko. He has done several expeditions to the Himalayas and has worked as Head of Safety on various research expeditions. In recent years, he has conducted extensive reconnaissance work on Greenland. He has also spent several months in the Iranian mountains and guides Pathfinder’s more alpine tours to Iran.

Mikke Eriksson 

Mikke has several guiding educations to his credit and has experience from everything within climbing, skiing and touring in alpine environments. He is an internationally certified mountain guide (UIAGM), an certified UGL instructor, and in addition has impressive academic qualifications. Mikke is a calm and methodical guide who does not become unnecessarily stressed. He operates the company Guideme and works with course and consulting activities, as well as various guiding tasks. Mikke guides Pathfinder’s ski trips to the High Atlas in Morocco.

Stefan Palm 

Stefan is constantly searching for new places to find the best snow, challenging climbing and stunning mountains. The mountain is his passion and that for which he lives and has lived for many years. He is an internationally certified mountain guide (UIAGM) and has several other instructor and guiding educations to his credit. Stefan has participated in a number of expeditions and multisport competitions at an elite level. Among others, he competed in Eco Challenge, Team Human Link Argentina 1999. In the last seven years, he has led skiing expeditions to countries like Japan, Iran, Chile, Morocco, New Zealand, Greenland and Corsica, France. Stefan gladly returns to Japan and guides our trips to Hokkaido.

Jörgen Karström 

Jörgen has lived and worked in the mountains his whole life. La Grave is usually his residence during the winters, but he will gladly search for adventure outside of Europe. Among others, he’s worked with teaching mountain search and rescue in Kashmir and quite a few tours in Iran, the Caucasus Mountains and the Himalayas. He is an internationally certified mountain guide (UIAGM) and a very strong skier. Besides Swedish, French and English, Jörgen speaks Russian and is our obvious mountain guide in Eastern Europe and Central Asia, in particular our ski trips to Bulgaria. 

Trekking and ski guides

Kristin Andersson 

Kristin is a warm leader in cold weather and cool when things get hot. Most agree on this. She has more than 10 years experience in producing and leading corporate and private trips, and runs her own business. Kristin is very strong in the mountains, both on skis and by foot. She is a positive force that finds her way to all kinds of imaginable environments. During the summer, Kristin stays mostly in Stryn, Norway, and uses the Alps with the Aosta Valley in Italy as her base during the winter. Kristin often guides Pathfinder’s trekking trips in Morocco and occasionally acts as an assistant guide on ski trips in the High Atlas.

Bo Björnsäter 

Bo has a past as a Ph.D. student in marine botany. Since the mid-1980s, he has worked as a nature guide and led nature trips to Europe, Asia, and North and South America. Bo has a special knowledge when it comes to plant and animal life and is a knowledgeable cultural guide as well. He has worked for three years in Alaska, a favourite place where he will gladly return, and he is our guide on nature treks to Alaska’s national parks and trekking trips to Torres del Paine in Chile.

Pelle Ståldal 

Pelle presently lives in Colombia, but originally comes from Nacka. He has broad experience from South America and extensive knowledge of Ecuador and Colombia. Between 1995 and 2008, he visited Ecuador on 14 different occasions, and he has previously arranged trips there for Pathfinder Travels. Pelle started a travel company in South America and arranges trips to Colombia and Ecuador. He has studied Latin American Society and Spanish at Stockholm University and is very interested in Latin America. He is our obvious leader on trips to Ecuador and Cotopaxi.

Joakim Strickner 

Joakim was raised in the Austrian region of Tyrol, but has also Finnish-Swedish roots. He has studied biology as well as some other subjects at university in Sweden and speaks fluent Swedish with a wonderful tone. In addition to his biology education, Joakim is a certified trekking guide and educated nature pedagogue. Besides his human and nature interests, he also a passion for meditation and thus will gladly visit India often. Trekking with Joakim is inspiring and educational on so many levels. Joakim is our guide on trekking excursions to Tyrol and occasionally to the Indian Himalayas.

Nicke Sundström 

Nicke started Pathfinder together with Pelle Aronsson in 1999. His background is as a historian, but he now works with Pathfinder full-time and operates and is responsible for all travel activities as a whole. Throughout the years, Nicke has skied extensively and done ski touring in Scandinavia, the Alps, New Zealand, the Caucasus Mountains, Morocco, Balkan, Iran and Argentina. In recent years, Nicke has spent much time in Morocco and one of his more noteworthy qualifications is from drawing a city map of Marrakech. Nicke will gladly guide trekking journeys into Morocco when time permits.

Adrian Nordenborg 

Adrian is an enthusiastic artist of many talents, with the whole world as his office. He works as a professional travel guide, but has even done numerous extended trips on his own. To date, he has travelled to more than 80 countries, a number that is continually growing. Adrian also works as a travel promoter and with the Banff Mountain Film Festival as well as being an all-around inspiration. Nothing is impossible for Adrian and he has a positive force that does not leave anyone unaffected. He guides treks in Iran and India, as well as treasure hunts in Turkey and occasionally Morocco.

Mattias Jansson 

Mattias comes from Göteborg, but is now living in Trondheim, Norway after several years in Åre. He has studied numerous recreation and mountain leader programs, along with leadership and psychology at the university level. He has a Bachelor in Tourism Management. For many years, Mattias worked as a mountain and course leader in telemark and randonnée skiing at the Sylarna Mountain Station. He will gladly travel on longer trips and is a devoted skier. Mattias is a confident and methodical guide who will not leave anything to chance. Since 2002, he has been Pathfinder’s ski guide in Dizin, Iran and knows the area inside and out. Mattias also guides our trekking excursions to Morocco.

Peter Öholm 

Peter has a past as an aid worker and journalist, and today works in Stockholm with international development issues that focus on the Caucasus Mountains and Central Asia. He has worked and lived for several years in the Balkans region. While in the Balkans, he took the opportunity to trek, fly fish and ski during his free time. Peter is a experienced telemark skier and Pathfinder’s guide on ski trips through the Balkans.

Biking Guides

jon bawn pathfinder guideJon Bawn

Jon fell in love with bikes as a toddler and this passion and spirit for adventure has never left him. Now an expert mountain biker, experienced guide, trail mechanic and founder of Biking in Turkey, Jon in fact studied music at university and still loves to play piano. He is an outgoing, friendly character, and speaks French, Turkish and now some German too. Jon heads up the Pathfinder Biking division and is currently occupied with finding new Singletrack routes worldwide.

mike mclean pathfinder guideMike McLean

Mike McLean is a UK vet rider with 2nd place finishes in MTB Himalaya to his credit and has pioneered trails all over India and the Himalaya for almost two decades now. He knows every trail worth and not worth riding in the subcontinent and runs Mountain Bike Kerala. Mike guides our Indian singletrack routes. When not riding he writes for MTB publications and occasional pieces for the Sunday Observer in the UK.

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