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Banff Mountain Film Festival World Tour 2015 Finland

Welcome to the filmfestival for everyone that loves the outdoors, mountain culture and mountain sports. The last 13 years we have brougth the best films from the Banff Mountain Film Festival to Helsinki and 2015 will be no exception. This year we will be screening 2 nigths with 2 different programs at the Rex

The Banff Mountain Film Festival is an international film competition featuring the world’s best footage on mountain subjects. The festival began in 1976 and is held annually on the first weekend in November in Banff, Alberta, Canada.

Immediately after the Festival ends in November, a selection of the best films go on tour across Canada, the United States, and internationally from Scotland to South Africa to China, Lebanon, Chile, New Zealand, Antarctica, and points in between. Each year, the films travel to 40 countries reaching more than 390,000 people at over 840 screenings.

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This years festival is presented by Osprey and Suunto with support of Scandnvaian Photo. Media partners in Finland, Retki, help us reach a wider audience. During one evening we will show a wide variaty of films with different lengths and subjects, see the film program.


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Wednesday 30 september (Program A)
Thursday 1 October (Program B)

kl 18.30, Bio Rex, Mannerheimintie 22 - 24 (doors open at 18,00).

Tickets will be released 20 August and available at selected ticket vendors in Helsinki as well as online at Tickville.

Ticket vendors

(ticket price: 15 euro/night)

  • Amer Sports Brand Store, Konepajankuja 6 (Cash only!)
  • Aventura Matkatoimisto, Lönnrotinkatu 9, Helsinki. P.+358 207 435 100,
  • Partioaitta, Yrjönkatu 36, 00100 Helsinki
  • Mountain Shop Finland, Hämeentie 40, 00500 Helsinki. P.+358 (0)9 680 2996,

partioaitta green side



Tickville: 150 SEK + 15 SEK online handling fee

Any left over tickets will be sold at the door @20 euro.

Program A - Wednesday 30 September 


Best Film – Mountain Culture – sponsored by Helly Hansen

England, 2014, 40 min
Filmmakers: Andrew Hinton, Johnny Burke
Classification: General, no advisory

Tashi The Monk 2 Andrew Hinton

There’s a brave social experiment taking place on a remote mountaintop in the foothills of the Himalaya. A former Buddhist monk is seeking to transform the lives of abandoned children through love and compassion. Tashi is especially vulnerable as she struggles to make friends, and learns that love can help heal even the saddest memories. 

Mountains can be brutal places to live. Perhaps this goes some way towards explaining how Tibetan buddhism has developed such a keen sense of compassion for all beings. Many westerners may have heard of these profound ideals, but in this film we are able to witness compassion in action. The experience is both surprising and humbling.
— Nicolas Brown, jury member.



2014, USA, 18 min
Filmmakers Derek Westerlund, Steve Reska, Red Bull Media House
Classification: General; no advisory
The Unrideables: Alaska Range

Unrideables 02 Andy Ferrington Deep Credit Scott Serfas Red Bull Content Pool
Photo by: Scott Serfas
Glorious cinematographic eye candy! Expert speed flyers test their limits in a massive, volatile landscape of ice and snow.



USA, 2014, 5min
Filmmakers: Ben Sturgulewski
Classification: General, no advisory

SunDog 1 Ben Sturgulewski

© Ben Sturgulewski
What could be better than riding gorgeous lines of untouched snow with your best friend at your side?



2014, USA, 7 min
Filmmakers: Tyler Wilkinson-Ray
Classification: General, no advisory

© Brian Mohr
Vasu Sojitra lost his right leg to a blood infection at nine months old, but that doesn't stop him from venturing deep into the backcountry to ski challenging lines – entirely unassisted.



About 20-30 min intermission. During the intermission you have the opportunity to grab something to eat or drink, visit the exibition, take part in the price draw, chat with people and get ready for the second half! 


Little Red Bus (Petit Bus Rouge) (special edit)

Full length film won Best Film – Mountain Sports sponsored by Live Out There

(2013, France, 22 min) 
Filmmaker: Sébastien Montaz-Rosset 
Classification: Parental Guidance; sexual content, nudity

Little Red Bus 3 Sebastien Montaz Rosset

Photo from the film The Little Red Bus - courtesy Banff Mountain Festivals

Hold onto your hats, get ready, and buckle up for a wild ride packed full of thrills and spills. All aboard the Little Red Bus!

This film puts art in the mountain and mountain in the art. Sometimes absurd, but always poetic, this film was made with huge commitment and a touch of wonderful French madness.

— Benoît Aymon, jury member.



USA, 2014, 12min
Filmmakers: Keith Ladzinski, 3 Strings Productions
Classification: PG; coarse language

Desert Ice 02 Credit from the Film Desert Ice
Photo: Keith Ladzinski
American ice climbers Jesse Huey and Scott Adamson climb into the remote high-desert slot canyons of Southwest Utah in search of what some are calling the best water-ice discovery of the last 20 years.



2014, Scotland, 7 min 
Filmmakers: Stu Thomson 
Classification: General, no advisory

Danny MacAskill The Ridge 2 Credit from the Film Danny MacAskill The Ridge

From the film Danny MacAskill – The Ridge

World-renowned trials rider Danny MacAskill is back! Filmed on the stunning Isle of Skye in Scotland, MacAskill returns to his childhood haunt for a new challenge: riding a mountain bike on the infamous Cuillin Ridge.



New Zealand, 2014, 10 min 
Filmmakers: Aaron Smart 
Classification: General, no advisory

Just Keep Running 02 Graeme Murray Paul Charteris

© Graeme Murray and Paul Charteris

Ruby Muir is one of the world’s most promising young trail runners. Ruby shares her journey of love and loss and the inner struggles which have helped shape her into the running sensation she is today. 


Program B - Thursday 1 October



2014, France, 5 min 
Filmmakers: Jean-Baptiste Chandelier  
Classification: General, no advisory

 Touch 1 Credit from the film Touch

From the film Touch

Touch is a colorful and spectacular flying tour of Santorini in Greece, the Aiguille du Midi above Chamonix and the Col du Galibier in France, with a bit of cheekiness added in, just for fun. 



Full feature film won Best Film – Climbing – sponsored by the Alpine Club of Canada

2013, Austria, 53 min 
Filmmakers: Philipp Manderla, Thomas Dirnhofer, Red Bull Media House GmbH 
Classification: Parental Guidance; coarse language, nudity

David Lama

© Lincoln Else

Storms are expected in Patagonia, but the drama that ensued during the big-budget filming of David Lama’s quest to free climb the infamous mountain brought a new level of controversy. Challenge, scandal, adventure, and transformation on a mountain often said to be the most difficult in the world. 

Intimate, controversial, honest, awe inspiring and dedicated. These words paint the story of a climber, his team, and the filmmaking team, that take us on an epic climb that literally took years to accomplish. The film contains powerful storytelling and impressive filmmaking and never shies away from showing us the friction on and off the mountain and the deep disappointment everyone experiences.

— Shirley Vercruysse, jury member.



Canada, 2014, 5 min 
Filmmakers: Dave Mossop, Malcolm Sangster, Sherpas Cinema 
Classification: General, no advisory

Sculpted in Time 3 Sherpas Cinema

© Sherpas Cinema

Eddie Hunter is 88 years old and has skied over 2,500 days during the past 79 years. Follow him as he continues to shred on the home town mountain he just can’t seem to get enough of.



About 20-30 min intermission. During the intermission you have the opportunity to grab something to eat or drink, visit the exibition, take part in the price draw, chat with people and get ready for the second half!



2014, Austria, 8 mins 
Filmmakers: Fabian Kluhs 
Classification: PG; coarse language 

 UNDEAD 13 Matthias After Doubleflip Session Credit by Stefan Voitl

Photo by: Fabian Kluhs

Two energetic young athletes re-invigorate the sport of SMX, a combination of mountain biking and snowboarding. 



2014, USA, 3 min 
Filmmakers: Michael Brown, Nick Waggoner, Zac Ramras, Sweetgrass Productions 
Classification: General, no advisory

 Afterglow 1 Oskar Enander 1

© Shane Treat

From Alaskan spines to deep pillows in British Columbia, Afterglow turns big mountain skiing on its end, and then turns it upside down again, heading into the night through a wintery glow of trippy technicolor. 




Best Exploration & Adventure Film – sponsored by MSR

UK, 2013, 37min 
Filmmakers: Ben Finney and Robb Ellender 
Classification: Parental Guidance; coarse language, nudity

And Then We Swam 4 Credit from the Film And Then We Swam

From the film: And Then We Swam

Most adventurers who set out to cross the Indian Ocean have some rowing experience. For two blokes from the UK, that seemed like a minor detail, not a death wish. 

And Then We Swam is a film about true adventure – the voyage of a Ship of Fools where the outcome, and even life or death, was unknown right down to the last possible minute. With complete irreverence and a total disregard for their own well-being, these two hugely likable characters proved that there is true greatness inside all of us, if we can just find the courage to go find it.

— Mark Synnott, jury member.



2014, UK, 3 min 
Filmmakers: Wojtek Kozakiewicz (Polished Project) 
Classification: General, no advisory

WildWomen FaithDickey Still005 Credit Wojtek Kozakiewicz Polished Project

From the film Wild Women – Faith Dickey

Smile and laugh along with slack-liner Faith Dickey as she shows us just how fun life on the line can be.



Special Edit

2014, England, 14 min 
Filmmakers: Alastair Lee 
Classification: PG; coarse language; sports accident

All My Own Stunts 01 Credit from the Film All My Own Stunts

Photo from the film: All My Own Stunts

Rob Jarman is a downhill mountain bike specialist and a professional stuntman. Following a near-fatal accident, he has battled to stay atop both fields. It's an emotional and gripping story about how hard it is to let go. 


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